News! (and some tips for working with a new doctor)

A new development: I have a new doctor! I just got a new patient appointment with an integrative/functional MD who was recommended to me many years ago for women’s health. I called her a few weeks ago and gave up when I didn’t hear, but today is a new day!

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A Reprieve (or the Value of Meditation)

I just returned home from a two-week meditation retreat and guess what: for those two weeks, I barely thought about my DCIS predicament. I wasn’t relentlessly preoccupied as I had been with thoughts of what might be, my next steps, constant research, etc., etc. I was able to set the whole thing aside. What a relief.

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I spoke too soon about my mammogram results. Or should I say the story was not complete.

Yes, the disease is stable and has not progressed. That hasn’t changed, but I had an appointment with my natural doctor yesterday to discuss the results. Instead of his usual unconditional and helpful support, he began to hedge.

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What the Doctors Said

These are some of the more memorable quotes from my meetings with doctors and surgeons.

My primary care physician when he called in January to inform me of my diagnosis:
“It’s controversial, but it’s something that needs to be addressed. Maybe not right away, but I wouldn’t wait six months.”

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The Question of Surgery

Initially I was not averse to having surgery – if only it wouldn’t disfigure me. But that it most definitely would do. As of my last mammogram on February 9, five cm (2 inches around) of tissue needs to be removed. A lumpectomy is possible, but I’m on the borderline. Some doctors have advised me to get a mastectomy.

Did I already say I am not ready to consider a mastectomy – at all?

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