Finally …

… no more cancer.

The surgeon called today around 5, just before the work week came to a close. The tissue that was removed on Wednesday has good margins. I am cancer free, she said. If I want to have mastectomy at some point in the future, she respects that, but for now there’s no need for additional surgery. And I still have a breast.

Of course, I asked how much tissue she removed this second go-around. She wouldn’t say. Said what’s important is that the cancer is gone, which tells me she took the conservative approach and took out a lot. My guess, anyway. I’ll know for sure when I get the pathology report when we meet for a followup appointment next week.

Meanwhile, onward and (hopefully) upward. Next on the agenda is an oncologist, radiologist and (happily) my holistic physician.

Thanks for being there.



8 thoughts on “Finally …

  1. That is incredibly good news that you are now cancer free; breath a sigh of relief. I am ever so glad you are over that hump. Now for the healing of the breast tissue. With the way you take care of yourself, it might not take as long as they think.

  2. So good to hear your news, Kathy! How relieved you must be! Truthfully, so am I!

    Love, Pat

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  3. This is welcome news and gives you time for reflection, Kathy. Thank you for bringing us along the path with you.

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