Off the Fence

Surgery is less than a week away. My stomach gets all knotted up at the thought. It’s been a journey, and even while I don’t look forward to the outcome, I’ve also come to terms with this as my next course of action. I credit my new team of most knowledgeable doctors.

First, Dana, a friend who is now my naturopath, has been so supportive and thorough with her care. Yesterday, I also had my first consultation with Dr. Michael Schachter, an MD to whom Dana referred me. He’s been treating cancer patients holistically for decades. He is opposed to the invasive treatments that are the conventional standards of care, but also recognizes the emotional challenge of living with cancer in one’s body, so encouraged me to have the surgery if that’s what feels right. He will help me manage the rest with natural means, bypassing radiation and hormone therapy, and chemotherapy if that is recommended.

I left Dr. Schachter’s office feeling confident in him and my decision to have surgery. I am off the fence. I am having surgery. I’m not questioning it anymore. It feels so good to finally land with this decision.

One thing Dr. Schachter did challenge about the surgery was having any lymph nodes removed—for several reasons. First, it’s invasive. Second, the lymph nodes are there for a reason: to clear away the bad stuff, including cancer cells. When any nodes are removed, the body’s internal cleansing system becomes compromised and other problems such as lymphedema can arise. Also, if cancer is detected in any of the nodes, conventional doctors will tell me I need chemo, and since I am electing to heal through natural means, why not keep my lymph system intact and avoid the risk of long-lasting side effects?

I called the surgeon’s office to let her know I don’t want the lymph nodes removed. She’s on vacation and may not learn of my decision until the day of my surgery. I fear she will throw me onto the street! Seriously, I expect a strong argument.

I also realize that some of my treatment decisions may seem risky to some of you who are reading. Please remember that I have early stage cancer. I’m a member of several discussion boards, and read daily about women who have succeeded in resolving their early stage cancer through alternative means. One of the most talked-about ways is through intravenous vitamin C therapy, and this is one of the protocols that Dr. Schachter has prescribed for me.

I won’t even try to get into all the chemistry of it, but the bottom line is that high doses of vitamin C can kill cancer cells—without all the non-selective bodily distress that radiation and chemotherapy cause. I had an IV treatment yesterday and will resume having weekly treatments for three to six months beginning 2–3 weeks after my surgery. Dr. Schachter has also added some new supplements to my protocol that he has used successfully with his cancer patients.

So, surgery on Monday, then I await the pathology results. Hoping for the best, as always. Thank you, everyone, for being there. Really. The support feels palpable sometimes. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Off the Fence

  1. More power and healing to you with your thorough research and expert, experienced, caring health care team!!! Looks like you have a terrific, healing balance with surgery and natural remedies!! sending energy in daily prayers….

  2. There is great healing power in making choices. I would second the keep the lymph nodes plan. There are current studies that show no benefit to removal for early stage disease. Losing mine has been a drag. I am sending hopeful thoughts your way.
    Xo Iris

  3. It sounds to me as if you have made some very wise and informed decisions. I am impressed with the way you have gone about it using all your resources; and thinking in both a logical, mindful, and informed way as well as using your intuition as to what feels right. From my perspective, I see this as a good decision, and I truly believe the outcome will be what you are hoping for. I look forward to seeing you soon.

  4. You’ve done your research and have good advisors around you – what a relief to have made your decision! Good for you. I have another friend that had breast cancer surgery last week and am able to follow her on a website called Are you planning on using anything like this??
    All love and good wishes for speedy healing and recovery.

    1. Hi Karen, What a difference to finally settle. Thanks for all your support. This is the first I’ve heard of that site, though I am familiar with a similar site called Caring Bridge (I think that’s what it’s called). Lots of convenient features. I’ll keep it in mind! xo

  5. what strength comes from making your decision, your care full decision! sounds like we all feel it in your post, Kathy.
    breathing a deep breath with you ❤
    go forth as whole heartedly as each moment allows!

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